New Shape Prize (Global Challenges Foundation)

I’m delighted and surprised to have made it to the final of this very prestigious global competition that is looking for new ways to think about global governance and how to deal with the huge existential risks facing humanity.

My response is called ‘Emergent Dynamic Governance Ecosystems’ – the EDGE project. You can read a summary of my entry here, and the full essay here.

I’m just about to leave for Stockholm to present and will write more soon about my experience of the New Shape Forum that will bring together people from across the world to help re-shape governance.

Permaculture, Climate and Survival 2.

A short (13 minute) interview given to Albert Bates in September 2015. Part of a series including interesting interviews with Geoff Lawton (Australia / PRI), Declan Kennedy (Germany) and Andrew Millison (USA). We explore climate change, permaculture and surviving the 21st Century. “Real solutions for the real world.”

Designing the World We Want

An article I wrote for the Sustainable Food Trust in the run up to the 12th International Permaculture Conference in September 2015.

“When the world faces so many interconnected problems, a systems approach is needed. But to engage a lot of people we need to organise around something that touches all our lives – such as food. How can we connect our passion for food with a systems-based approach to changing the world? Permaculture claims to be one such way of doing it…

Designing The World We Want

Needfire interview

I did an interview at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2015. I like giving interviews because it helps me work out what I think – I’m the kind of person that learns by talking things through.

I’ve re-listened to the interview and its good! I cover planetary scale permaculture, what is permaculture, permaculture farming, accessing land, research, the LAND network and setting up demonstration networks using a collaborative approach, research and the future of uplands… all in 20 minutes.

Many thanks to Sam and Adam for the interview – a great team doing a brilliant and important job. Some other great interviews in there too – Dr Elaine Ingham, Patrick Holden, Dr Julia Wright and Ed Revill

Audience at the permaculture research session at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

A packed house for the permaculture research session at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

Our Needfire is a point of gathering, a fire around which to share ideas and listen to stories that might kindle hope. Here we will examine pioneering efforts from the fields of temperate climate agroecology, rewilding and cultural renewal…”