About me

I’m passionate about learning, I want to make a difference, and I’m trying to develop my writing so that I can get more involved in public debate.

I trained as a sculptor at Leeds Polytechnic, but decided to become a world changer instead. Essentially I moved from physical artwork to social sculpture.

I discovered permaculture in 1992, just after graduating. I read the Permaculture Designer’s Manual cover to cover and then had the good fortune to study on a three month ‘Environmental Design and Permaculture Course’ at Bradford University.

Since then I have been involved in many projects and initiatives including:

I live with my wonderful family in Leeds, and spend days off on the allotment, in the garden, or trying to finish making my Victorian terraced house a model of eco-retrofitting.

My main job is being Chief Executive for the Permaculture Association.

I work part-time because this means I can develop other skills, passions and connections. It works, because after 19 years I’m still working with the Association and still have huge enthusiasm for it.

The other things I like to do include:


  • Permaculture Design Courses (usually in Leeds)
  • Permaculture Educators Courses
  • Mind-mapping and Thinking courses
  • University lectures and seminars


  • Group facilitation for other NGO’s, community groups, sustainability focused companies.
  • Group design facilitation. I don’t have time to do full permaculture design work at any scale, but I can help groups through the process.
  • Scientific / technical / environmental facilitation. I am increasingly facilitating complex sessions that require good facilitation skills, an understanding of scientific methods, and a deep appreciation of social and environmental issues.

Make me an offer!

  • I love a challenge, so if you have one for me, let me know.

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